The Rogers Hair Foundation

The Rogers Hair Foundation, Inc. – Directors and Officers

Daphne Hernandez – President and Board of Directors

Background: Daphne Hernandez is a dynamic entrepreneur and philanthropist based in Maryland with over 42 years in real estate, including rehabbing homes and managing properties.
Current Role: She is the owner and operator of Salon Tesio, a full-service beauty salon with 6 licensed professionals offering hair coloring, cutting, styling, waxing, esthetician services, massage therapy, and nail services.
Philanthropy: Daphne is the founder of the Rogers Hair Foundation Inc., an organization focused on assisting individuals with chronic and severe hair loss. The foundation offers new hair growth technology, hair care workshops, nutrition and spiritual counseling, and access to advancements in hair restoration.
Personal Interests: An avid animal lover, she dedicates her time to rescuing feral cats and finding them homes. She is committed to improving lives through health, educational resources, and spiritual guidance.

Curt Flowers – Treasurer

Background: Curt Flowers brings a combination of finance expertise and business ownership to his role as the Treasurer of The Rogers Hair Foundation Inc.
Responsibilities: He manages the organization’s financial affairs, including cash flow, bill payments, debt records, bank selection, and statement reconciliation. He ensures financial compliance with laws and regulations.
Other Ventures: Curt owns a cleaning operations business named ‘Lovey’ and has a keen interest in law research. He is passionate about supporting the foundation’s mission.
Hobbies: Outside of work, he enjoys saltwater fishing, traveling to Africa, spending time with his family, and has a passion for international trading.

Melvin Davison – Secretary and Board of Director

Background: Melvin Davison serves as a board member and Secretary for the Rogers Hair Foundation Inc. He brings a diverse background in business and community outreach to the organization.
Responsibilities: Melvin manages internal communications and aligns activities with the organization’s goals and values. He ensures compliance with IRS regulations.
Entrepreneurship: He runs an independent trucking company and has created a school for returning citizens, offering educational programs and job opportunities in CDL training.
Personal Connection: Inspired by witnessing peers experiencing hair loss, Melvin is dedicated to the foundation’s mission.
Hobbies: Melvin enjoys camping, spending time with his children, and developing eco-friendly ideas.

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